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:''For other men with this name, see [[William Wentworth (disambiguation)]].''
'''William Charles Wentworth''' ([[1793]]–[[March 20]], [[1872]]) is most associated with the first expedition to cross the [[Blue Mountains]], led by [[Gregory Blaxland]].  The discovery of a passage through the mountains opened up the vast [[Australia]]n continent to exploration and settlement.
Wentworth, a native Australian, was born in [[New South Wales]], the child of [[D'Arcy Wentworth]] and Catherine Crowley, a convict.  Educated in [[England]], he returned to New South Wales in [[1810]] and was granted land.  He returned to England again to study law.
He founded the [[University of Sydney]] in [[1852]].  He founded the newspaper [[The Australian]] in 1824 with [[Robert Wardell]].  A paper with the same name exists today as part of [[Rupert Murdoch]]'s vast [[News Corporation]].
He was an early supporter of representative government for New South Wales. With Wardell, Dr William Bland and others, he formed the " Patriotic Association" and in 1842, when the Constitution Act was passed, it was generally recognized as mainly his work. He became a member of the first legislative council and led the "squatter party."
The town of Wentworth Falls in the [[Blue Mountains]] is named after him.
He died in England.
Several descentants have shared the same [[William Charles Wentworth|name]] and some the fame or notoriety.
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*[http://www.npg.org.uk/live/search/person.asp?LinkID=mp04762 Portrait of William Charles Wentworth] in the [[National Portrait Gallery, London]].
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