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Turbonegro is a Norwegian band that tries to combine the best of heavy metal, rock and punk to a homosexual and non-politically-correct version of punk, aiming in principle at the PC crowd (e.g. the cover of the single "Bad Mongo" depicts Adolf Hitler as a mongoloide, or in the song "Hobbit Motherfuckers", they rant about "not enough suffering" and "not enough natural selection"). They have been described by some as a Death punk band. Being a fun project with common predecessors (Sex Pistols wearing swastikas, etc), Turbonegro have been praised by some as playing the most up-to-date form of punk, and refusing to be categorized being nowhere as clearly expressed as in this anarchic blend of humour, shock and sexuality.

Throughout the world, there is an increasing number of local Turbonegro fan chapters called Turbojugends. Members can be identified by denim jackets with a Turbonegro logo and "Turbojugend [name of city]" stitched to the back.

Turbonegro featured in an episode of MTV's Viva la Bam.


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