The Germs

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This article is about The Germs, the punk rock band. For the comic strip, see The Germs (comics).

The Germs were a punk rock band from Los Angeles in the late 1970s featuring Darby Crash (vocals), Pat Smear (Guitar), Lorna Doom (Bass), and Dottie Danger (drums) and later Donna Rhia (drums). Drawing on musical influences that included Queen and David Bowie, the band developed a sound in their short-lived career that was extremely aggressive. They had a reputation in their native Los Angeles for chaotic concerts, especially when lead singer Darby Crash would incite audiences.

Despite a number of singles, The Germs released only one full-length l.p., (GI). Crash displayed himself as a kind of lunatic, which only masked his lyrical sensitivities. Produced by Runaways' rocker Joan Jett, (GI) is notable for Germs' classics such as "Lexicon Devil," "Communist Eyes," "Richie Dagger's Crime," "Manimal," "What We Do Is Secret," and "Shutdown." They are featured in Penelope Spheeris's documentary film The Decline of Western Civilization along with X and Black Flag.

Darby Crash committed suicide in 1980 from a drug overdose, allegedly as a tribute to his idol Sid Vicious.

Pat Smear went on to join Nirvana and later the Foo Fighters.

In 1993, Slash Records released The Germs: Complete Anthology (MIA). The album cover is their traditional black background and a blue circle. A movie about The Germs, What We Do Is Secret, is in production as of 2004.

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