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Kxoe is a Khoisan language of Namibia, Angola, Botswana, South Africa, and Zambia. Its SIL code is XUU. It has 8,000+ speakers in all countries. Kxoe is related to /Anda.

User breakdown

Namibia: approx. 4,000
Angola: 500 ~ 700
Botswana: 1,700 ~ 2,000
South Africa: approx. 1,600
Zambia: approx. 100


  • [[Xo-kxoe
  • [[Xom-kxoe
  • Buma-kxoe
  • Buga-kxoe or Buga or Buga-khwe or Bukakhwe or "River Bushman" or [[Anikxoe

or //Ani-kxoe or Tannekwe or Gani-khwe

  • //Ani


There is currently a dictionary of the Kxoe language.

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