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The Controlled Substances Act defines Schedule II drugs as having:

These are available only by prescription, and distribution is carefully controlled and monitored by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The prescriptions themselves are also subject to special requirements of codified federal law or administrative regulations:

  • Prescriptions cannot be given over the phone; they must be given during a patient's actual visit to a physician. (A special procedure is provided for dispensing small quantities in medical emergencies, with its own set of reporting requirements consistent with the normal Schedule II process.)
  • Computer-printed prescriptions cannot be used for Schedule II medications. Prescriptions must either be handwritten or typed, and must be signed by the physician.
  • Prescriptions must be presented for filling within 72 hours of issuance. If a prescription is filled by mail, as many health insurance plans now encourage or require, the envelope must be postmarked within the allowed time.
  • Prescriptions for Schedule II medications cannot be refilled.

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