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Should we include the recently released (and quite cool) Vanilla Tapes somewhere in here? For those who don't know, they were a set of tracks the band recorded themselves a few weeks before they recorded London Calling. It's almost all the songs from that album in early stages, and a pretty cool listen. There were a lot of stories floating around about their existance; I won't bore you with details but you can easily find more with Google. Anyone have suggestions on how/if to include them? FilthMasterFlex

Does this record exist or is it a michaelism? And if it was a bootleg was it released on Epic who are a major label? I've never heard of this record, but admit I don't know that much about the Clash post London Calling.

I'm sure there are loads of Clash bootlegs available (I've even got one on tape somewhere) but maybe bootlegs should be listed seperately from official releases? quercus robur 19:05 17 Jun 2003 (UTC)

There are always tons of bootlegs of any popular artist. I have a Clash bootleg CD somewhere, but I see little reason to include them on a page such as this. (I'm new here and not entirely familiar with the term "Michaelism", but after reading the 1976 bootleg discussion on the Crass page I think I have a pretty good idea of what it means.) However, I think their other major recordings deserve mention, notably Black Market Clash (or perhaps Super Black Market Clash) and even The Clash on Broadway and From Here to Eternity. -R. fiend