Superstar USA

Superstar USA Finalists
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Season 1 (2004)
John Michaeltop 8
Ashtop 12

Superstar USA is an American reality television series airing on The WB. It is a spoof of American Idol in that, unbeknownst to the auditioners, the entire competition is a hoax looking for the worst singers in the United States.

In the show, hosted by Brian McFayden (Ryan Seacrest's double), people first audition before three judges (the sarcastic Briggs, who also produces the show and could be considered the "Simon" of the show; rapper Tone Loc, the show's answer to Randy Jackson; and singer Vitamin C, put into Paula Abdul's role) in four cities across the United States. Although on American Idol, bad singers are often criticized and laughed at by the judges during the audition process, the judges on Superstar USA must keep a straight face to praise bad singers and let them through to the next round. However, when good singers audition, the judges must act as if they can't stand the singing or are bored by it. In contrast to American Idol, the judges, especially Briggs, will often give good singers intense and humbling criticism.

Once the audition process is finished, a group of finalists will be chosen to perform live in front of an audience which is cheering them on despite the fact that they are awful singers. Reports were released that the show told audience members that the singers were actually performing on stage as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation so that the audience would cheer instead of boo.

The winner of the show will be told that the show was a complete hoax and that they are, in fact, a terrible singer, but they will win a recording contract as well as $100,000.

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