She Bangs


"She Bangs" is a song originally performed by Ricky Martin, from his 2000 album Sound Loaded. In 2004, William Hung earned brief fame after singing the song during his audition for the third season of American Idol; although rejected by the judges, his disastrously poor performance amused audiences, and Hung continued to perform the song for comedic purposes. In April 2004, Blender magazine named She Bangs one of the 50 worst songs ever.

Like many of Martin's songs, it is a romantic salsa song about being infatuated with a woman.

The chorus is as follows:

She bangs, she bangs
Oh baby,
She moves, she moves
I go crazy
’Cause she looks like a flower but she stings like a bee,
Like every girl in history,
She bangs, she bangs
I'm wasted by the way she moves, she moves
No one ever looked so fine,
She reminds me that the woman’s got one thing on her mind