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Kurt Nilsen (born September 29, 1978), living in Bergen, Norway, won the Norwegian version of the television show Pop Idol, aired on TV 2 in May 2003. His single, She's So High, went straight to number one in the Norwegian singles chart and was the country's biggest-selling single to date. His debut album is titled, "I". His follow-up CD with much of his own material was also a success.

He subsequently won the vote for the World Idol title on January 1, 2004, beating competitors from ten other nations and scoring the first place in 10 out of 11 voting countries. In the show presenting the entries on December 25, Ian Dickson, the Australian judge, said: "You have the voice of an angel, but you look like a Hobbit. If this were Middle-earth Idol you'd walk it." Kurt's gap-toothedness did not seem to bother the viewers and voters, though.

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