Kimberley Locke

File:Kimberley Locke-One Love.jpg
Kimberley Locke on the cover of her debut album One Love

Kimberley Locke (born January 3, 1978 in Hartsville, Tennessee) is an American singer. She gained fame with her participation in the American Idol television series.


At age five, Locke began singing in church. Her parents divorced when she was eight years old.

Kimberley Locke grew up admiring such singers as Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Diana Ross.

In 1987, Locke formed with her friends a quartet named Shadz Of U. The group performed at many local churches.

Locke went to Gallatin high school, where she was one of only sixteen members to participate in their performers group. She lasted at that group for the four years in which she attended that school. She was also selected twice as a member of the All-Middle State Chorus.

Intent on becoming a lawyer and not a singer, she began to work for a company at Nashville as an administrative assistant. In 1999, she enrolled at the Nashville School of Law.

On October 30 of 2002, the cast and crew of American Idol was in Nashville for an audition, to pick contestants for American Idol 2. Locke sang in front of Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell, who were impressed by her voice.

In December of 2002, she was finally chosen to participate in the show.

Kimberley Locke placed in third place at American Idol 2. She was able, however, to sign a record deal with Curb Records. Her debut album, One Love, was released on May 4th, 2004.

As of 2004, she has released two CD's and is touring extensively through the United States, including singing at half-time shows of WNBA games and doing concerts.