Jasmine Trias

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Honolulu born Jasmine Trias was a finalist on the television cult hit American Idol in 2004. She was cheered on from Hawai'i and also grew a following throughout Asia.

Jasmine Soriano Trias (born 3 November 1986) is a singer and entertainer who rose to fame on the United States television series American Idol, a talent-based reality program broadcast on the Fox Network.

Early Years

Trias was born in Honolulu, Hawai'i and raised in the Central O'ahu suburb of Mililani. She is the eldest daughter of Filipino immigrants to the United States from Cavite. Trias attended Maryknoll School, a Roman Catholic preparatory school of the Diocese of Honolulu. It was as a representative of Maryknoll School that she won the Brown Bags to Stardom 2001 state singing competition and the Road to Fame 2003 youth talent competition. Trias graduated from Maryknoll School in June 2004.


Trias' appearance on American Idol had grown into a cult-like phenomenon upon becoming second runner-up in the competition. Not only did she win millions of fans in the United States, she won millions more in foreign countries where the show was aired: Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, among others. Manila Times newspaper captured the mood of her ancestral country in an April headline, "Everybody Wants Jasmine." During the American Idol season, hundreds of internet fan sites from over a dozen countries were established in several Asian and European languages.

Managing Director of Honolulu Ben Lee captured the mood of Trias' home state of Hawai'i when he said, "Jasmine has enough votes in Hawai'i to become governor or mayor easily." Lieutenant Governor James Aiona, in his capacity as acting governor, declared Jasmine Trias Day by executive order.


Upon her departure from American Idol, Trias was offered a USD $100,000 contract from Quiet Storm Records to produce her first album. She is expected to move to Los Angeles, California to kick-off her professional singing career. Before returning to American Idol, an entourage of hysterical and screaming fans, groupies, and supporters plagued the city's Sunset on the Beach.