Hotter Than July


"Hotter Than July" is an album recorded by Stevie Wonder. It was originally released on the Tamla Motown label on September 29th 1980. Despite the wide critical acclaim for Wonder's previous works such as Songs in the Key of Life and Innervisions, Hotter Than July was his first platinum-selling opus.

It includes the singles "Master Blaster(Jammin')," the ballad "Lately" and "Happy Birthday." Wonder wrote Happy Birthday in order to commemorate Martin Luther King and used the song to campaign for Luther King's birthday, January 15th, to become a national holiday in the USA. The inlay of the compact disc contains images of Martin Luther King and some of his famous protests.


All songs written, produced and arranged by Stevie Wonder

  1. Did I Hear You Say You Love Me - 4:07
  2. All I Do - 5:06
  3. Rocket Love - 4:39
  4. I Ain't Gonna Stand For It - 4:39
  5. As If You Read My Mind - 3:47
  6. Master Blaster (Jammin') - 5:07
  7. Do Like You - 4:25
  8. Cash In Your Face - 3:59
  9. Lately - 4:05
  10. Happy Birthday - 5:57

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