American Juniors


American Juniors is a reality TV show created by FOX as a spin-off of the wildly popular American Idol. The first season of American Juniors premiered in the summer of 2003.

Around 2,000 children and teenagers auditioned for the show; from these twenty were chosen as contestants. Throughout the season, this number was narrowed down to five through several rounds of voting. Voting was done by the show's viewers via telephone.

The five contestants who remained at the end of the season were formed into a band named the American Juniors.

Seeing children and young adolescents competing gave many viewers a sour taste as the show had many "stage parents" in the wings. For this reason, as well as many others, the show was never as successful as American Idol and did not return for a second installment.

Their debut album is due to release on October 26th, 2004.

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