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* January 6 - Franklin Delano Rooseveltdelivers hisFour Freedoms Speech in the State of theUnionAddress.* January 10 - Lend-Lease is introduced intotheUnitedStates Congress.* January 19 - Britishtroops attackItalian-held Eritrea.*January 21 -World War II: Australian andBritish forcesattack Tobruk,Libya.* January 22 - WorldWar II: British troops captureTobruk fromthe Italians.* January23 - Charles Lindberghtestifies before the UnitedStatesCongress and recommends that theUnited States negotiateaneutrality pact with Adolf Hitler.*February 3 - WorldWar II: The Nazis forciblyrestorePierre Laval to office inoccupied Vichy, France.*February 4 - World War II: TheUnited Service Organization(USO)is created to entertain American troops.* February11 - World War II:Lieutenant-General Erwin Rommelarrives inTripoli.


*March 1 - World War II: Bulgaria signstheTripartitePactthus joining the Axis powers.* March 1-W47NV beginsoperations in Nashville, Tennesseebecomingthefirst FM radiostation.* March 1 - Arthur L. BristolbecomesRear Admiral fortheU.S. Navy's Support Force, AtlanticFleet*March 11 -World War II: PresidentFranklin Delano RooseveltsignstheLend-Lease Act into law,allowing American-built warsupplies tobeshipped to the Allies onloan.* March 17 - InWashington,DC, the National Gallery ofArtis officially openedby PresidentFranklin D. Roosevelt.*March 17 - British Ministerof Labour,Ernest Bevin, callsforwomen to fill vital jobs* March22 -Washington's GrandCoulee Dam beginstogenerateelectricity.* March 25 - WorldWar II: KingdomofYugoslavia inVienna joins the Axispowers * March 27-World War II:Attack on Pearl Harbor -Japanese spyTakeoYoshikawaarrives in Honolulu, Hawaii andbegins to studytheUnitedStates fleet at Pearl Harbor.*March 29 - WorldWarII: Battle of Cape Matapan - OffthePeloponnesus coast intheMediterranean,British naval forces defeatthoseof Italysinking fivewarships. Battle started onMarch27.===April===*April 6 - World War II: GermanyinvadesYugoslaviaandGreece.* April 9 - Slavomir Rawiczand sixothers escapefrom a Sovietprison camp in Yakutsk - theybegin 6500km long walkto India* April 17 - World War II:Yugoslav RoyalArmycapitulates.* April 21 - World War II: Greececapitulates.Britishtroopsretract to Crete.* April 27 - WorldWarII:German troops enterAthens.*April -RussiaandJapan sign a neutrality pact.===May===* May 1-Breakfastcereal Cheerios is introduced asCheeriOatsbyGeneralMills* May 1 - Orson Welles' screenplay,CitizenKane,premieres inNew York City* May 6 - AtCalifornia'sMarchField Bob Hope performs hisfirst USO Show.* May 9-World War II: TheGerman submarine U-110iscapturedby the BritishRoyal Navy. On board is thelatestEnigmacryptography machinewhich Allied cryptographers lateruse tobreakcoded German messages.* May 10 - World War II:TheUnitedKingdom's House of Commonsisdamaged bythe Luftwaffe in anair raid.* May 10 - WorldWarII:Rudolf Hess parachutes intoScotland claiming to be onapeacemission.* May 20 - World War II: Battle ofCrete-Germantroops invade Crete.* May 21 - WorldWarII:950 miles off the coast of Brazil, thefreighter SSRobinMoor becomes the first United States shipsunk byaGermanU-boat.* May 24 - World War II: IntheNorthAtlantic, the German battleshipBismarck sinksthe HMSHoodkilling allbut three crewman on what wasthe pride of theRoyalNavy.* May26 - World War II: In theNorthAtlantic,Swordfish planes from thecarrier HMSArkRoyal fatallycripple the German battleshipBismarck intorpedoattack.* May 27 - World War II:PresidentRoosevelt proclaims an"unlimitednationalemergency."* May 27 - World War II: GermanbattleshipBismarck is sunk in NorthAtlantickilling2,300.===June===* June 1 - World War II:Cretecapitulates toGermany.* June 8 - World War II:Alliesinvade SyriaandLebanon.* June 9 - World War II:Finlandinitiatemobilization and putsome units under Germancommand.* June14 -Mass deportations by Soviet Union authoritiestakeplaceinEstonia, Latvia and Lithuania.* June 22 -WorldWarII: Germany attacks the SovietUnioninOperationBarbarossa* June 25 - World War II:Finlandattacked by theSovietUnion seeks the opportunity ofrevenge in theContinuationWar.===July-August===* July 4 - Massmurder ofPolish scientistsand writers, committedby Nazi Germans incapturedPolish city ofLvov.* July 5 - World War II: German troops reachtheDniepr River.* July 5-19-War between Peruand Ecuador* July 7 - World WarII:American forces landin Iceland to forestallaninvasion by theNazis.* July 26 - World War II: In responsetotheJapaneseoccupation of French Indo-China,USPresidentFranklin D.Roosevelt orders the seizure of allJapaneseassets inthe UnitedStates.* July 31 - Holocaust:Underinstructionsfrom AdolfHitler, Nazi official [[HermannG�ring]],ordersSS generalReinhard Heydrich to "submit to me assoonaspossible a generalplan of the administrative materialandfinancialmeasures necessaryfor carrying out the desiredfinalsolution ofthe Jewishquestion."* August - Formation ofthePolitical WarfareExecutive in theUnited Kingdom* August18- Holocaust:Adolf Hitler orders an end tothesystematiceuthanasia ofmentally illandhandicapped dueto protestswithinGermany.===September-October===* September 6-Holocaust: Therequirement to wear the Star ofDavid with theword"Jew"inscribed, is extended to all Jews overthe age of6inGerman-occupied areas.* September 8 - WorldWarII:Siege of Leningrad begins -German forces beginasiegeagainst the SovietUnion'ssecond-largestcity,Leningrad.*September 16 - RezaPahlavi, Shah ofIran is forced to resign infavor of hissonMohammad Reza Pahlaviof Iran under pressure fromtheUnitedKingdom and the SovietUnion.* October 2 - WorldWarII:Operation Typhoon - Germanybegins an all-outoffensiveagainstMoscow.* October 8 - World War II: In theirinvasion oftheSovietUnion, Germany reaches the Sea of Azovwiththecapture ofMariupol.* October 21 - WorldWarII:Germans rampage inYugoslavia, killingthousandsofcivilians* October 24 - Franz von Werra disappearsduringaflight overNorth Sea* October 30 - World War II:FranklinDelanoRoosevelt approvesUS$1 billion in Lend-Lease aidto theSovietUnion.* October 31 - After 14 years of work,drillingiscompleted onMount Rushmore.* October 31 - World WarII:Thedestroyer USS ReubenJamesistorpedoed by a GermanU-boatnearIceland,killingmore than 100 United States Navysailors.===November===*November6 - World War II: Soviet leaderJosef StalinaddressestheSoviet Union for only the second timeduring histhree-decaderule(the first time was earlier that year onJuly 2).He statesthateven though 350,000 troops were killedinGerman attackssofar, that the Germans have lost4.5million soldiers (agrossexaggeration) and that Soviet victorywasnear.* November 12 -WorldWar II:Battle of Moscow:Temperaturesaround Moscow drop to-12° C and theSoviet Unionlaunches ski troops forthefirst time against thefreezingGerman forces nearthecity.* November 13 - WorldWar II: The aircraft carrierHMS Ark Royalis hit byGermanU-boatU-81* November 14 -World WarII:HMS ArkRoyal capsizes and sinks,havingbeentorpedoed by U 81.* November 17 -World WarII:Attack on Pearl Harbor - JosephGrew, theUnitedStatesambassador to Japan, cables theState Department that Japan hadplans to launchanattackagainst Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (hiscablewasignored).*November 19 - World War II: The AustralianwarcruiserHMAS Sydney sinks off the coastofWesternAustralia,killing 645 sailors.* November 21 -Theradioprogram King Biscuit Time isbroadcast for thefirsttime (itwould later become the longest runningdaily radiobroadcast inhistoryand the most famous live bluesradio program).*November24 -World War II: The United StatesgrantsLend-Lease totheFree French.* November 26 - USPresident FranklinDelanoRoosevelt signs abill establishing thefourth ThursdayinNovember asThanksgiving Day in theUnited States(thispartly reversed a1939 action by Rooseveltthat changedthecelebration ofThanksgiving to the third ThursdayofNovember).*November 26 - World War II: The Hullnoteultimatumisdelivered to Japan by the United States.* November26 -World WarII: Attack on Pearl Harbor - A fleetof sixaircraftcarrierscommanded by Japanese Vice AdmiralChuichiNagumoleavesHitokapu Bay for Pearl Harbor understrictradiosilence.*November 27 - A group of young men stop trafficon highwayUS99south of Yreka, California, handing outfliersproclaimingtheestablishment of the State of Jefferson.*November27 -World War II: Battle of Moscow - Germansreachtheirclosestapproach to Moscow. They are subsequently frozen bycoldweatherandattacks by the Soviets.===December===* December 1 - WorldWarII:Former mayor of New York City,Fiorello LaGuardia,andthedirector of the Office of CivilianDefense, sign an ordercreatingtheCivil Air Patrol (CAP) as thecivilian auxiliary oftheUnitedStates Air Force (in April 1943the CAP was placedunderthejurisdiction of the Army Air Forces).* December7,December6 (in Japan standard time) -Japanesenavylaunches asurprise attack on the UnitedStates fleet at Pearl Harbor, thus drawingthe United StatesintoWorldWar II.* December 8 - World War II: TheUnitedStatesofficiallydeclares war on Japan.* December 11 -WorldWar II:Germany declares war on theUnited States.*December25 -World War II: British and Canadians are defeated bytheJapaneseatHong Kong.* December 27 - World War II:BritishCommandosraid theNorwegian port of Vaagso,causingHitler toreinforcethe garrison.===unknown dates===* JohnVincentAtanasoffand Clifford E. Berry developed theAtanasoffBerryComputer.*Ives and Stilwell prove thationsradiateatfrequencies affectedby their motion.*InSweden,Victor Hasselblad forms theHasselbladcameracompany.* ThePinnacle Commune, aRastafarian community,is destroyedbyJamaican authorities*Indochina Communist party, ledby Ho ChiMinh, combineswithNationalist party toformtheVietminh.===Ongoingevents===*Sino-JapaneseWar(1937-1945)(whichmay or may not be a part of World WarII,depending on who'stelling thetale)* World War II(1939-1945)==Year intopic==* 1941 infilm**May 1 -Citizen Kane, starringOrsonWelles**October 3 - TheMaltese Falcon,starringHumphreyBogart ** AlfredHitchcock'sSuspicion**Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hydestarring SpencerTracy, IngridBergmanand Lana Turner*1941 inliterature**The ScrewtapeLetters by C.S.Lewis**Darknessat Noon by ArthurKoestler**Call ItCourage by ArmstrongSperry* 1941 inmusic**February 11 -1st Gold record presentedto GlennMiller forChattanooga ChooChoo.* 1941 insports**May 15- Joe DiMaggio starts hisrecord-breaking56-gamehitting streak.**One of the greatest race horsesof histime,Epinard, was takenduring the GermanoccupationofFrance and used as adelivery wagon horse.* 1941intelevision**April 30 - TheFCC approvesthe NTSCstandards of 525lines and 30frames per second, andauthorizescommercial TV to begin onJuly 1.**May 2 - 10televisionstations were granted commercialTV licenses(effective July1). Thesestations were required to broadcast15 hoursper week.Bulova WatchCo., Sun Oil Co., Lever Bros.Co.andProcter & Gamblesign on as sponsors of thefirstcommercialtelecasts from WNBT in NewYork.**July 1 -CommercialTV authorized by the FCC. **July 1-Ralph Edwardshosted thefirst game show broadcast ontelevision,Truth OrConsequences,simulcast on radio and TV andsponsored byIvory Soap.The firstlegal TVcommercialin the UnitedStates forBulova watches occurs at 2:29,superimposedover atestpattern.==Births=====January===* January3 - Van DykeParks,musician, composer * January4 - HenriBergson, writer*January5 - Miyazaki Hayao, Japanese filmmaker* January 5 -GradyThomas, singer (P-Funk)* January 8- GrahamChapman,comedian* January 14 - Faye Dunaway,actress* January14 -MilanKučan,Slovenepolitician,statesman* January15 -Captain Beefheart, singer* January18 - DavidRuffin,singer (d. 1991)* January 21 - RichieHavens,musician*January 21 - [[Pl�cido Domingo]], opera singer*January 26-Henry Jaglom, director* January 26 - ScottGlenn,actor*January 30 - Richard B. "Dick"Cheney,politician*January 31 - Richard A."Dick"Gephardt,Americanpolitician===February-March===*February 5 -Kaspar Villiger,former member of theSwissFederal Council*February 6 - HowardPhillips, foundingmember of theUnitedStates Constitution Party.*February 8 -Nick Nolte,actor* February 10 - MichaelApted, director*February 11 -Glenn Randall Jr, stuntman*February 11 - JeremyMackenzie,general* February 13 - SigmarPolke, painter*February 17 -Julia McKenzie, actress* February17 - GenePitney, singer*February 20 - Buffy Sainte-Marie,singer*February 27 -Paddy Ashdown, British politician* March3 -JuttaHoffmann, actress* March 4 - Adrian Lyne,director*March6 - Willie Stargell, Baseball Hall ofFamer(d.2001)*March 14 - Wolfgang Petersen, director,DasBoot*March 15 - Mike Love, musician ("The BeachBoys")*March16 - Bernardo Bertolucci, film director* March18 -WilsonPickett, singer* March 26 - RichardDawkins,Britishscientist* March 30 - Wasim Sajjad, formerPresidentofPakistan===April-December===* April 6 -[[HansW.Geissend�rfer]], German filmdirector* April 14-PeteRose, baseball star* April 23 - PaavoLipponen,PrimeMinister of Finland* April 27 - Lee RoyJordan,Americanfootball player* May 13 - Ritchie Valens,singer(d.1959)* May 13 - Senta Berger, actress* May 15 -K.T.Oslin,country musician* May 19 - NoraEphron,screenwriter* May24 - Bob Dylan, US poet and musician*June5 - MarthaArgerich, Argentine pianist*June 5- SpaldingGray, actor, screenwriter, and monologueartist(d.2004)*June 27 - Krzysztof Kieslowski, filmdirector*July 14 -Maulana Karenga, author & activist*July 19 -VikkiCarr, singer* July 31 - AmarsinhChaudhary,politician*August 3 - Martha Stewart, televisionandmagazinepersonality*August 22 - Bill Parcells,NFLcoach* September 4 - SushilkumarShinde,Indianpolitician* September 9 - Otis Redding,musician (d.1967)*September 9 - Dennis Ritchie, computerscientist*September 19 -Cass Elliott, singer (d. 1974)*October4 - Anne Rice,horror/fantasy writer* October 5 -EduardoDuhalde formerpresident of Argentina* October 16 -TimMcCarver,baseball commentator* November 29 -BillFreehan,baseball player* December 10 - ColinKelly,American airman*December 18 - His Royal Highness PrinceWilliamof Gloucester*December 23 - Tim Hardin, musician*December30 - MelRenfro, Pro Football Hall ofFamer===unknowndates===* T SKrishnamurthy - Chief ElectionCommissioner of India*PeterSarstedt - Singer-songwriter==Deaths==*January 4 -HenriBergson, French philiosopher* January 5 -AmyJohnson,aviator* January 8 - Lord RobertBaden-Powell,founder ofScouting* January 10 - Joe Penner,comedian,actor*January 13 - James Joyce, writer* February11 -RudolfHilferding, German economist, Ministerof Finance*February28 -King Alfonso XIII of Spain* March 6 -GutzonBorglum,sculptor* March 8 - Sherwood Anderson,author*March 15 -AlexejvonJawlensky,Russianimpressionistpainter*March 28- Virginia Woolf, writer* April 13 -Annie JumpCannon,astronomer (b. 1863)* June 2 - LouGehrig,baseballlegend (b. 1903)* June 6 - LouisChevrolet,automobilebuilder* July 10 - Jelly Roll Morton -jazzmusician&composer (b. 1890)* July 11 -ArthurEvans,archaeologist* July 26 - HenriLebesgue,mathematician*August 31 - Marina Tsvetaeva, Russianpoet(suicide)* August7 - Rabindranath Tagore, author* August13- James StuartBlackton,American filmproducer of theSilentEra*September 13 - EliasDisney, Americanfarmer and fatherofWalt Disney.* November18 - Chris Watson,third PrimeMinister ofAustralia*December 3 - ChristianSinding,composer==NobelPrizes==*Physics - notawarded*Chemistry - not awarded*Medicine - not awarded* Literature - not awarded* Peace-notawardedaf: 1941ast:1941bg:1941bs:1941ca:1941cs:1941cy:1941 da:1941de:1941et:1941el:1941es:1941eo:1941eu:1941 fr:1941fy:1941gl:1941ko:1941년hr:1941io:1941ia: 1941is:1941it:1941he:1941hu:1941la:1941lb:1941nl: 1941ja:1941年no:1941pl:1941pt:1941ro:1941ru: 1941simple:1941sk:1941sl:1941sr:1941fi:1941sv:1941 tr:1941uk:1941wa:1941zh:1941年

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