1887 in Ireland

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See also: 1886 in Ireland, other events of 1887, 1888 in Ireland and the list of 'years in Ireland'.

* Arthur Balfour becomes Chief Secretary later enacting the policy of "Killing Home Rule with Kindness". * The 1887 Land Act, an extension of the Ashbourne Act of 1885, is passed by Parliament. * The period of rent set by the Land Court is reduced to 3 years. * According to census records 69,084 Irish emigrate from Ireland to the United States. * Charles Stewart Parnell's Plan of Campaign starts its first phase as tenant farmers begin withholding rent from Protestant landlords. * Police attack a Land League march in Kiltimagh, County Mayo. * Newtownbrowne School is opened in Kiltimagh, County Mayo. * Construction of Ballymena Castle by Robert Alexander Shafto Adair, the Adair family residence in Demesne, is completed. * The Romanesque doorway of St. Flannan's Cathedral, a late 12th Century church in Kilaloe, is restored. * George Roe & Company Distillers becomes the largest distillery in Europe. * January 29 The Dublin newspaper known as The Union is founded. The unionist newspapers goals were stated in its first edition as "A Journal devoted to the maintenance of the Union in the three kingdoms." * March 7 - The London Times publishes a series of articles on "Parnellism and Crime" between March 7, 1887 to April 17, 1888 accusing Charles Stewart Parnell of involvment in Land League activities in particular his involvment of the 1882 Phoenix Park Murders. A special commission, known as the "Times Commission", is proposed by Lord Frederick Cavendish to investigate the allegations, as well as investigate links between the Home Rule party and the Fenians, eventually proving the letters forgeries written by Richard Pigott in 1890. * March 29 - The Irish Crimes Act of 1887 is introduced by Author Balfour in responce to the boycott of tennant farmers led by the National Land League suspending the right to trial of people suspected of involvment in the boycott. The Crimes Act was passed in September, despite protests from Liberal and Home Rule MPs, and would continue until 1890. * April - Richard Moynan begins as a political illustrator with The Union. * April 19 - W.E. Gladstone delivers his speech The Irish Question.

==Arts and literature==
 * W.E. Gladstone publishes Handbook of Home Rule. * Michael Davitt publishes Revival of the Irish woollen Industry. Brief Historical Record: How England Endeavoured to Destroy Irish Manufacture. How Irish Leaders Propose to Accomplish its Revival * William Lecky's A History of Ireland in the Eighteenth Century is published. * Alex G. Richey's A Short History of the Irish popel to the Plantation of Ulster is published. * Margaret Stokes publishes Early Christian Art in Ireland. * Lady Wilde publishes Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland, with Sketches of the Irish Past (later appended to The Ancient Race of Ireland) * Sir Samuel Ferguson's Ogham Inscriptions in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland is published posthumously.

* Cavan GAA President Michael Davin resigns. * Cavan GAA football teams Annagh Sons of Usnagh, Mountnugent Red Hands, Belturbet Rory O'Moore's, Mullagh Briffnians, Killinkere Defenders, Cross Independents, Moybulgue St. Patricks, and the Virginia Sarsfields are formed. * The Kiltimagh Cavan GAA Club is formed. * The Limerick Commercials win the first All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final defeating the Dundalk Young Irelands. * The Dublin Association Football Club scores its first victory defeating Wales 4-1. * Kerry wins the first Cavan CAA All-Ireland Senior Football Final. * January 15 - Trinity College's University Harriers Club holds the first Hares and Hounds race in Dollymount. * April 1 - The first All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final is held in Birr, County Offaly between Galway and Tipperary. * December 27 - The first Cavan GAA County Convention is held at McGoldricks Hotel in Ballyjamesduff.

 * Harry Boland, Sinn Fein leader * August 19 - Francis Ledwidge, poet * November 6 - Edward McLysaght, writer * November 8 - Sir Arnold Bax, writer and composer * November 11 - John M. Hayes, priest and [[Muintir na T�re]] founder * November 21 - Joseph Mary Plunkett, poet and Sein Fein member

* Rev. William Anderson O'Connor, theologian * January 17 - Martin Haverty, writer * November 22 - Ulick Joseph Bourke, writer