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Dana Francis Ignatius Love, Ph.D. (born December 1, 1969), American businessman and Internet technologist. Born in Hartford, Connecticut, and a long-time resident of Massachusetts and Virginia. Attended the University of Richmond and Chelsea University, graduating with a degree in Economics. Love has worked for some of the largest companies in telecommunications, including GTE (now Verizon), ADC Telecommunications and Prosodie, and has started or worked in entrepreneureal organizations, including Metacloud Communications, Radnet and Astyra Corporation. He is credited with building the first carrier-grade unified communications system, developing patented methods for monitoring communications traffic over the Internet and establishing core pieces of the public Internet.


Dr. Love's research interests span internetworking, economics and corporate anthropology. His recent research into the policy role of central-bank lending during financial disruptions has applicability to large organization investment strategies in new technology and markets, and his past research into the usage of technology in different cultural climates has continuing application in today's wireless marketplace. His work in Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) quality of service has produced multiple patent applications.

Economics - Central-bank lending practices during periods of financial disruption

The abstract from Dr. Love's dissertation reads, in part: "During financial disruptions, marketmakers provide liquidity by absorbing external selling pressure. They buy when the pressure is large, accumulate inventories, and sell when the pressure alleviates. This paper studies optimal dynamic liquidity provision in a triumvirate of theoretical market settings with large and temporary selling pressure, and variable order-execution delays. It is shown that competitive marketmakers offer the socially optimal amount of liquidity, provided they have access to sufficient capital. If raising capital is costly, this suggest a policy role for lenient central-bank lending during financial disruptions."

The work contained in the dissertation revolves around the decisioning processes of a lending body. In the case of the three games developed, that lending body is a government mandated central bank, but it could just as easily be applied to an investment fund inside a large corporation or an endowment arm of a non-profit. In every case, optimal liquidity provisions can be achieved through use of a series of straightforward gates, and the gating conditions can be optimized for many specific situations.

Internetworking - Improving VoIP transport, and service useability

Dr. Love's work in internetworking embaces both the technical and the social. His technical work has centered on improving the functionaling of the IP telephony (or VoIP) technologies at the core of Internet telephony today. His patent applications include provision for an apparatus and method for real-time evaluation of quality of service on a non-deterministic data network that carries encoded voice for the purpose of emulating a Time Division Multiplex (TDM) device interface used in legacy PSTN voice and fax telephony applications, a system and method for the purpose of enabling voice and fax telephony applications to operate by communicating through a data network with a non-deterministic switching resource, so as to achieve a level of functionality commensurate with Time Division Multiplex (TDM) device interfaces used in legacy PSTN voice and fax telephony applications. The ultimately offer a system for providing enhanced telephone service in conjunction with a typical packet telephony network.

His work in developing useable interfaces for advanced communications systems is the keystone for many unified communications methodologies. In the area of unified communications (which the telecommunications market has defined as the interworking of electronic, voice and fax messaging with various enhanced communications features and interactive voice response functions), Dr. Love's work in defining discrete user markets and describing the value proposition of technology to them has been lauded in industry magazines. As important has been his stewardship of research into the undelying human factors associated with technology usage, including analyses of voice dialing systems and their relative impact on driver safety, touchpad telephone design and its' impact on menu driven services and advanced concepts in menu layout for enhanced communications services to produce an adaptive service.

Civic and industry contribution

An active civic contributor, Love has worked as a part-time firefighter/EMT (most recently at the Stow Fire Department in Massachusetts), and has volunteered for a number of aid agencies, including the American Red Cross. He is a regular donor to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, among others. He hold an amateur radio license in the United States, call sign N1XII.

Dr. Love is a member of the National Contract Management Association, the Internet Society, the Internet Engineering Task Force, Marquis Who's Who in America, Phi Beta Kappa and various food and wine societies. He serves on the Advisory Board of Sonim Technologies, a venture backed wireless startup in California, and is one of Gerson Lehrman Group's Councils of Advisors.

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