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Zeke is a hardcore punk band from Seattle, USA. They are known for their extremely high-powered, driving guitar sound, mixed with blues influences.
Zeke released their first single, West Seattle Acid Party, in 1993; after several album releases on indie label Scooch Pooch Records, they signed with Epitaph in 1998 which led to nationwide fame in punk rock circles.


  • Super Sound Racing (1995)
  • Flat Tracker (1996)
  • PIG (Live Album, 1997)
  • Kicked in the Teeth (1998)
  • Dirty Sanchez (2000)
  • Death Alley (2001)
  • Live and Uncensored (2003)
  • Till the Livin' End (2004)

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Zeke was also the codename of the Japanese Zero fighter.