Zora is my nom de Distributed Proofreaders [1]. That's where my heart is, preserving the literary heritage of the world. One of my DP teammates, Cimon Avaro, introduced me to Wikipedia.

For the moment I teach computers and word processing in adult school in Honolulu. It's sporadic work and doesn't pay well, or offer any benefits, but I'm blocking on facing the big mean world out there. I'm also active in my local Zen group [2] and the Hawaii Open Source Foundation [3].

I have four and a half cats (the half cat is the feral I'm feeding outside) and one daughter, who's leaving for college at Mills in the fall.

I'm a book geek with a bad reading habit. I've attended Reed College and Berkeley (B.A.) and University of Chicago (M.A., A.B.D.). I also have an associate's degree in computer technology. Every bit of my system unit lovingly hand-placed by me :)

Hawaiian characters, for reference, cut and paste:

  • A Ā ā 256 257
  • E Ē ē 274 275
  • I Ī ī 298 299
  • O Ō ō 332 333
  • U Ū ū 362 363
  • 'Okina ʻ or ‘ 699 or lsquo