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Hi. I'm VeryVerily; for short, I often sign VV. Welcome to my user page!

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"We give in; we call it neutrality. A joke with no punchline." - Alan Parsons Project

I have been a contributing Wikipedian since August 6, 2003. I tried taking the Wikipediholic test once, but don't remember my score and haven't bothered to retake it. But, it was probably higher than it should be. :)

This graph charts my contributions to Wikipedia by hour of day UTC. The lower graph does not count multiple contributions in the same hour of the same day, while the upper one does. That is, the lower one counts the number of days on which I contributed during that hour. If you are interested and computer-literate, see how to make this graph.


[to be filled in]


Tools for preventing edit wars

Here are a few templates I developed which I think might help defuse and/or minimize some conflicts on the 'pedia.