Does anyone know what the abbr. VH1 stands for? If they do that could be useful for the page.--User:Damnedkingdom

I believe it stands for Video Hits 1.
We could also use some info on the UK version, and if there are any other international versions, them too. Lee M 01:03, 7 Nov 2003 (UTC)

The line about the movie that appears more often than any other movie that appears on the station is not noteworthy. Obviously something has to appear the most. -Branddobbe 07:36, Apr 21, 2004 (UTC)

VH1 was launched in 1985 not 1986. With the reference "four year old MTV" and the MTV article saying that MTV was launched in 1981 VH1 was launched in 1985. Any questions or comments feel free to send them to my talk page. Heegoop, 12 Jul 2004 (UTC)