Talk:The Minutemen


Here's the specifics of the band's name, more approporiate for the Talk page: (from Azerrad's book) "'[The '60s Minutemen would] send these notes to Angela Davis like they were going to bomb her but they never did,' Watt says. 'Mao has this quote which said all reactionaries are paper tigers--they're phonies. And he thought the [Sixties] Minutemen were big phonies.' Contrary to legend, the band was not named for the brevity of their songs." (Azerrad, 67).

"The" Minutemen, the punk band, were actually called "Minutemen", so this probably isn't the best place to move them. You see a "the" stuck in front of the name quite a lot, but that's a mistake ( solves the grammatical clunkiness of leaving it out by studiously using a lower-case "the" to imply that it's not part of the name).

And they were pretty important in the history of punk so, if you ask me, dissing them in favour of the American militias is being provincial too! :) --Paul Drye

What he said. (I started it under "Minutemen" for the reasons above.) I'm not opposed to things that make it easier for people to find the article they want, of course. -- RjLesch

I shall not comment on the respective importance of the Minutemen militia vs. Minutemen punk band.  :-)

But, I was clearly in the wrong for moving it to this page. I thought it was "The Minutemen" (since that's what the article said) so I thought it was a clever, although imperfect, solution to the ambiguity problem to move the band article to this page.

I can't say that Minuteman/Band is a much better solution, but it'll have to do for a few more weeks...we should be switching to Magnus's software soon, which will make it possible to put parentheses in article titles. --LMS