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Opening Remarks

To all who may read this, I am very proud to announce that this page is now "open for business". I have linked every medal that has an associated article. Please feel free to add new articles for those awards which are not yet described. -User:Husnock 23 June 2004

Great stuff! I suggest adding free (red) links for the other medals, so they'll "light up" when somebody creates an article starting from some other context. Just today I added a couple links to newly-created articles from old articles that should have had the free links and didn't. Stan 04:00, 24 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Yeah, thats a pretty good idea. I used to be agaist that, since I saw the red articles as "broken links". But, they do light up in every connected article once an article is written. I will probably not do that for every single decoration on the page. Just the ones that I know I will be working on the near future. Dont let that stop other people, though. Link away, I say -User:Husnock

As you can see, I went ahead and did as you suggested. Very good idea. I will now start the LONG process of writing articles on all the decorations. Hopefully others will contribute.


Attempt at Featured Article

To the loyal followers of this page, I tried to get it as a featured article, but that got shot down pretty quickly. How vain am I, but I find it a little amazing that anyone could say negative things about this article! Oh well.  :-) -User:Husnock 7 Jul 2004

(As the one who objected to the article) - the rules for Featured articles (FA) more-or-less prohibit list-articles (or list-like articles) from becoming featured. Typically, what one does is "spin-off" the lists, and write an article solely about the topic at hand. For example, Siege spun off List of sieges, Margerent Thather spun off Cabinets under Margaret Thatcher, Middle Earth spun off a *lot* of lists, etc etc) I think that would be a good idea in this case. →Raul654 05:33, Jul 8, 2004 (UTC)

I was just being vain. You are absolutely right, it IS a list article. One of the associated medals articles might be worthy, but this one is not. I took it off the candidate list as fast as I had put it on. Best- User:Husnock 8 Jul 2004

Massive Update

To the followers of this article, a large number of medal articles have been written and linked to this page. The section on Vietnam War medals will most likely be finished by next week. Thanks for everyone's support! user:Husnock 12 Jul 2004

Good Conduct Section

I'm proud to annouce the opening of the Good Conduct Medal article. That one took quite a bit of research to write. The Reserve Good Conduct Medal article will be coming shortly. User:Husnock 24 Jul 04

The entire Reserve and Good Conduct section is now complete. Please enjoy! -User:Husnock 1 Sep 04

Pictures Needed

I am researching some new medals for articles and am having a very hard time finding photos of the following medals.

Looking for pictures of the full sized medals, not just the ribbon. If anyone has photos or pictures of those medals, please start an article and post them to the article! -User:Husnock 3 Sep 04

Devices Section Complete

I'm pleased to announce the completion of the "Devices" section in which all attachments and devices to U.S. military awards are now catalouged. Enjoy! -User:Husnock 5 Sep 04

User Page Updated

For the followers of this page, check out my User profile to see what this mad scientist looks like...picture posted today on occasion of my 29th birthday! Husnock 12 Sep 2004

Modern Medals Complete

Today marks a great milestone in this article. Every modern medal of the United States military is now indexed with an article. Ribbons, obsolete medals, civilian decorations, and foreign medals remain.

Grand Project Begun

To add to the greatness of this article, I have begun adding ribbon pics of all the awards. This will expand the article from a simple list to a bonified index. Enjoy! Husnock 2 Oct 2004

Excellent! I think tableization will be necessary in each section though, to get ribbons and names to line up properly. You'll also want to shrink the ribbon images a bit then, so the names don't get spread too far apart. Stan 04:59, 3 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Second World War Foreign Medals

I just finished a major picture upload, article rewrite, and revamp of the Second World War foreign medals section. I took out some of the rarer medals which weren't bestwoed that often. Among them the Order of the White Lion of Czechoslovakia and the senior medals of the Philippine Islands. If anyone notices a common World War II medal, which was awarded to U.S. troops and was omitted, please let me know. Enjoy the update! -Husnock 20 Oct 2004

Entire Article has been Copied

I dont know if there are any administrators out there watching this page, but this may be oif interest. I discovered this entire article, indeed half of Wilkipedia, has been copied over to the following webpage.

The articles are carbon copies of the ones poste don this site, complete with links. It also is NOT a free website, in that I could see no way for the general public to edit or add things much like on Wilk. I guess that may be allowed, since this is all public info once its written. I just hope people over there are not claiming credit to articles which are written by the good people on this website.

Opinions? -Husnock 26 Oct 04

Ribbon Pictures Complete

I am pleased to announce that every decoration in this article now has a corresponding ribbon picture. Some of the articles have yet to be written, but the ribbon picturte download is compelte. Thanks as well to to anon user who redid the layout template into neater columns. It has made the article look much better. A toast to us all. -Husnock 28 Dec 04

National Guard Awards

I would like to poll people on what the thought is about adding National Guard decorations to this article. Good idea? OR maybe its own article. Inputs would be welcome. Thank you! -Husnock 28 Dec 04