Free Bird

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'''''Free Bird''''' is the signature song of the [[Southern Rock]] band [[Lynyrd Skynyrd]], and is one of the most requested songs at Skynyrd concerts and on [[Classic rock]] radio. It is a track off Skynyrd's debut album, "Pronounced".

Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant co-wrote this song in part as a tribute to Van Zant's late friend [[Duane Allman]], who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident and later died.

The song begins slowly but ends (in its eleven-minute uncut version) with a spectacular 7 minute long guitar 'solo' by the three guitarists.

For years during Skynyrd's hiatus, the [[Rossington Collins Band]] (a Skynyrd spinoff band) performed "Free Bird" as an instrumental out of respect for the late Van Zant, but once Skynyrd reunited with new lead singer Johnny Van Zant, the vocal version returned for their live concerts.

It is almost impossible to go to any concert, especially in the Southern [[United States]], and not hear someone shout a request for this song; however, this phenomena has largely evolved into a [[parody]] of itself, and such requests, more often than not, are made facetiously.


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