Sir Mix-a-Lot


Sir Mix-a-Lot (born Anthony Ray in 1963) is a rapper and producer from Seattle, Washington, USA. He created his own brand of hip hop - influenced by Electro, Kraftwerk and Gary Numan, and funk. His raps often deal with sex, yet politics are also important to Mix-a-Lot. He worked together with Miami bass icon DJ Magic Mike, Mudhoney, Metal Church and discovered Kid Sensation. He first was signed by Nastymix Records, then left, established Rhyme Cartel Records and was signed by American Recordings.

His biggest hit, "Baby Got Back", was featured in the movie Charlie's Angels, and continues to be a sort of running joke, such as in the Apple iPod commercial.

Sir Mix-a-Lot had an important voice in the West Coast rap scene of the late 1980s. Part of what distinguished him from the others is a tendency to avoid glamorizing violence popular in gangsta rap. His hits have tended to focus on a humorous take on the popular topics of girls and cars. Sir Mix-a-Lot's first hit was the single "Posse on Broadway", giving some the impression that he was a New Yorker. The reference was actually to the street of the same name on Seattle's Capitol Hill. The song was released on Nastymix Records in 1988. Other popular hits include "Beepers" (1989) and "My Hooptie", (1990) a song about a car in disrepair. Probably the biggest hit by Sir Mix-a-Lot is the novelty song "Baby Got Back" (1992), which was a number one hit. Sir Mix-a-Lot has tended to write, arrange, program, perform, and produce his own music.




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