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Peter Green (born as Peter Greenbaum on October 29 1946 in Bethnal Green) is a blues-rock guitarist and founder of the group Fleetwood Mac.

Green was the leader of the group throughout their period of success in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when their hits included "Oh Well", "Man of the World" and "Albatross". He wrote the song "Black Magic Woman" that was eventually picked-up by Santana. However, a mysterious incident involving hallucinogenic drugs is reported to have resulted in his developing schizophrenia, from which he still suffers. No longer able to cope with reality, he was prosecuted for threatening an agent with a gun, and was eventually committed to an institution.

Green has been called the "best white guitar player", and made several comebacks, culminating in the formation of Peter Green Splinter Group, with the assistance of fellow musicians including Cozy Powell. The Splinter Group now performs and tours with Green as frontman.


  • WITH John Mayall
    • A Hard Road
    • Thru the Years
    • Looking Back
    • Fleetwood Mac: The Blues Years (definitive compilation, 3 CDs)
    • Then Play On
    • Rattlesnake Shake: Live in Boston
    • London '68
    • The End of the Game (experimental jams - Japanese only)
    • In the Skies

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