Formerly Called MTV (1957-1993) Kolmoskanava aka TV3 (1986-1993) (Kolmoskanava was originally joint venture between YLE, MTV, and Nokia. MTV3 was born in 1993 when MTV took over TV3.)
Launched: 13 August 1957
Audience Share (in 2003) : 38.1%
Owned By: Alma Media Oy
Web Address:
Terrestrial Analogue: Usually Channel 3
Terrestrial Digital: Channel 3
Satellite: Unknown
Cable: Unkonwn

MTV3 is a Finnish commercial television station. It is the most watched television channel in Finland. MTV3 is owned by Alma Media.

The name MTV3 comes from the words "Mainos-TV 3", which means "Commercial television". Number 3 because when MTV3 started airing it was the third nation-wide television channel.


MTV3 started on the 13 August 1957, and thus become the third-oldest, private, commercial television station in Europe. It started as just plain MTV as bits of programmes in a channel broadcast. It finally became a proper channel in 1993 and became MTV3.


Much of the output of MTV3 is a mixture of Finnish-versions of popular programmes and of British and American imports such as:

It also owns the television channels Subtv and Urheilukanava.

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