Leftover Crack

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Leftover Crack rose from the remains of the seminal ska/punk band Choking Victim, which released a small number of very-low budget albums in the mid-90's. By the turn of the century, LoC was formed with a higher production value than anything else attached to Choking Victim, and new topics were discussed.

One of the most groundbreaking developments Leftover Crack accomplished was with their song "Gay Rude Boys Unite", a satire of Operation Ivy's style that accused the ska scene of being homophobic. The song called for the inclusion of all minorities in the punk scene struggle for social equality.

Leftover Crack, combined with Choking Victim and two other bands, Morning Glory and INDK, share a total of seven members between them. These seven musicians are collectively referred to as the "Crack Rock Steady 7" (CRS7).

Leftover Crack, in addition to the rest of the CRS7, combines elements of ska, hardcore, crust punk, and thrash metal. Choking Victim in particular also referred to itself as squat-core, for its focus on the lives of abandoned tenement squatters in New York City and writing songs about the poor.

They released an album called Mediocre Generica on Hellcat Records in September 2001.

Their new album is entitled Fuck World Trade, on Alternative Tentacles Records.