Happy Together (song)

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Happy Together is a 1967 song from The Turtles' album release of that year, also titled Happy Together.

The song is considered to be a classic by many, and it has been featured in many movies, including 1986's Making Mr. Right, 2002's Adaptation, and 2003's Freaky Friday. The Freaky Friday version in particular, featured a more edgier, rather Heavy Metal oriented version of the song.

Many music fans have come to remember The Turtles for this song in particular. Other groups, such as The RR Gang, have also performed cover versions of the song.

In 1999, BMI named the song as the 44th-most performed song of the 20th century, with approximately 5 million performances, putting it in the same league with songs performed and written by more well known artistes, such as Yesterday by the Beatles, or Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel, both of which were in the top 10.Sv:Happy_Together