GISM ( also G.I.S.M.) were a hardcore band (with strong metal leanings) formed in Japan in the early 1980s. Composed of vocalist Sakevi Yokoyama, guitarist Randy Uchida, bassist Kiichi, and drummer Ironfist Tatsushima.

The acronym G.I.S.M. has never had a constant meaning attached to it. Variations include God In The Schizoid Mind, Guy In Suicide Mission, Guerilla Incendiary Sabotage Mutineer, and Gnostic Idiocyncracy Sonic Militant.

GISM were widely known for the extreme violence present in their lyrics, and live shows. Sakevi would often march about the stage clad in a balaclava and covered with bullets, waving lit flares in audience members faces, throwing microphone stands, rocks, and attacking concert goers as Vietnam war footage was projected behind him. Many rumours have circulated about the extent of his violence. Some say he stabbed a man for wearing a bootleg tshirt, however few know for sure. Many believe these rumours, as videos have shown him to go as far as chasing audience members with a flamethrower, and attacking journalists for taking his picture. Sakevi's violent tendancies did not stay solely with fans, as he has interrupted another band's performance and accosted their vocalist in order to do his own singing on at least one occasion.

Randy Uchida passed on in 2003, Sakevi continued to contribute his unique brand of collage art (remarkable in its use of nazi imagery, pornography and scenes of violence) to the world, and started his own line of t-shirts. Ironfist Tatushima went on to play in the band Die You Bastard!. Little is known about Kiichi.


GISM first appeared on the Outsider compilation (1982), followed by Great Punk Hits (1983), Hardcore Unlawful Assembly (1984), The Punx (1984), and P.E.A.C.E. (1984).

Their first full length release, Detestation (1984), was largely hardcore, fueled by Randy's extremely metal influenced riffs. It is almost universally regarded as GISM's best work, and few fans are even aware of their later releases.

M.A.N. (Military Affairs Neurotic) followed in 1987. Very much a metal album, the only throwback to Detestation's hardcore leanings were Sakevi's trademark, madman screams. It was largely ignored by critics and fans alike.

Their third and final album, SoniCRIME Therapy was released in 2001. Fusing Detestation's hardcore and M.A.N.'s Iron Maiden style metal leanings, GISM's final work represents the culmination of all of the band's ideas over the 14 years since they last entered the studio. A number of the tracks on this album are present in the Gai Individual Social Mean video released in 1995.

Randy Uchida's solo project, R.U.G. released an EP entitled Deathly Fighter some time in the 1980s. Little else is known about this group.

In 2004, Sakevi released a single entitled The War. Harsh noise and growling vocals are juxtaposed with peaceful breaks and movie samples to provide an interesting medium for the expression of his opinions on the war on terror.