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Dropkick Murphys formed in 1996 in Boston, MA. They practised in the basement of a friend's barbershop, blending punk rock, irish folk, rock, and hardcore into something they could call their own. Their name was taken from a local rehab centre.

Original members were Mike McColgan (vocals), Ken Casey (bass), Rick Barton (guitar) and Matt Kelly (drums). McColgan, unable to commit himself to constant touring left the band and was replaced by ex-Bruisers vocalist Al Barr. Another bout of prolonged touring followed, this time including Australia and Japan, during which time Barton also quit (after picking his replacement, James Lynch of the Ducky Boys). The band recruited second guitarist Mark Orell, (also a self-taught accordionist.) The addition of Spicy McHaggis (bagpipes) and Ryan Foltz (mandolin/tin whistle) broadened the band's live sound as well as added a new impetus to the material. To date have released over ten singles.


Year Title Label
1998 Do or Die Epitaph
1999 The Gang's All Here Epitaph
2000 Mob Mentality Taang
2000 The Singles Collection Hellcat
2001 Sing Loud, Sing Proud Epitaph
2002 Live on St. Patrick's Day From Boston, MA Epitaph
2003 Blackout Epitaph
2004 Tessie Hellcat

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