Downtown Honolulu

The capitol district (foreground) is riddled with historic buildings dating back to the monarchy of Kamehameha II. The state capitol is the large building at middle right. The intersection at the bottom is King St. and Punchbowl St., with the State library (green and white roof) and City Hall (Honolulu Hale; red tile roof) across Punchbowl from each other. Iolani Palace is just left of center in this photograph.

Downtown Honolulu is the current and historic central part of Honolulu—bounded by Nu‘uanu Stream to the west, Ward Avenue to the east, Vineyard Boulevard to the north, and Honolulu Harbor to the south—within the larger Honolulu District. Located within downtown Honolulu are a cluster of modern and historic buildings and complexes, many of the latter declared National Historic Landmarks on the National Register of Historic Places. These include: