Digital camera sensors


There are two main types of sensors:

There are also two main types of sensor mechanisms:

  • Area array
  • Linear array (very rare, only limited to the highest-end)

An area array sensor reads the entire image plane at once, whereas a linear array sensor works more like a flatbed scanner. Since this technology predates area arrays, it was available earlier, in professionally-priced cameras. With the advent of area array sensors, consumer digital cameras became available for considerably lower prices. (The Ritz Dakota Digital is an extreme example.)

Except for some linear array type at the highest-end and web cams at the lowest-end, a digital memory device (usually flash memory; floppy disks and CD-RWs are less common) is usually used for storing images, which may then be transferred to a computer later. Many linear array type cameras and web cams connect directly to a computer.

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