Darby Crash

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Darby Crash (September 26, 1959 - December 7, 1980) was a rock musician.

Born Jan Paul Beahm, he had a troubled childhood, with his biological father leaving him, his mother being a devotee of Scientology and his older brother dying of a heroin overdose. In 1972 he set out to find his true father, tragically to find he was also dead. In 1976 he met Pat Smear and thusly formed Sophistifuck and the Revlon Spam Queens. They then changed it to The Germs. The Germs became a huge Los Angeles punk band, known for their chaotic live shows. Crash broke up the Germs (who once included future Go-Go Belinda Carlisle) only to die of an intentional heroin overdose in 1980 a day before John Lennon was killed.. His legacy has carried on past the release of The Germs (MIA): The Complete Anthology, in 1993.