Big Cartoon DataBase


The Big Cartoon DataBase (BCDB) is an online database of information about animated cartoons, animated movies, animated television shows and cartoon shorts.


The BCDB is an online, searchable resource dedicated to compiling information about cartoons, including production details such as voice actors, producers and directors, as well as plot summaries and user reviews of cartoons. The BCDB also serves as an episode guide for animated series, both televised and theatrical, with chronological listings of such series.

Access to the information in the BCDB is free, and open to anyone on the Internet. Any user with an e-mail account and a browser that accepts cookies can set up an account at BCDB, then submit information and cast votes to rate various cartoons.


The BCDB project started out in 1996 as a list of Disney animated features on creator Dave Koch's local computer. As he received more questions about who worked on different cartoons, the DataBase expanded online, both to share the information with a greater number of people, as well as to collect additional information about those cartoons from the public at large.

Top and Lowest Rated Cartoons

One popular feature of the BCDB is the Top Rated page, a listing of the top 25 animated films as voted by the registered users of the website. Ratings are shown based on top score as well as the cartoons that receive the highest number of votes. Users are given the option of rating a movie from "1" (lowest) to "10" (highest). The raw votes are processed through an undisclosed mathematical formula to produce an overall rating, not just a basic average of votes. To safeguard against "vote stuffing" and other attempts to skew the data, the DataBase employs data filters and a vote quota in an attempt to give a true "Bayesian estimate."

The BCDB also lists the Lowest 20 Rated Cartoons feature which, based on the same data, shows the least liked cartoons in the DataBase.

Ancillary Components

The BCDB also includes a linked, online forum, for users to express their opinions about cartoons, or ask questions about them. The forum is open for use by all registered users, and is actively moderated. News items related to the animation industry are an integral part of the site.

The recently added image gallery allows users to see images of various cartoon characters taken from their most popular films.

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