Barry Manilow


Barry Manilow (born Barry Alan Pincus in Brooklyn, New York on June 17 1946) is an American singer and songwriter. Manilow dominated the 1970s soft rock scene with a string of top ten hits and multi-platinum albums. Despite the frequent barbs from crtics and lampooning by comedians, Manilow's fans and music soldier on as evidenced by the No. 3 debut of his 2002 greatest hits album Ultimate Manilow, and being dubbed "showman of our generation" recently by Rolling Stone.

Early in his career, Manilow worked as a pianist, producer and arranger, accompanying Bette Midler among others. Manilow's solo hits include "Mandy" (1975), "Looks Like We Made It" (1977), "Copacabana (At The Copa)" (1978), "I Write The Songs" (1976), "Somewhere In The Night" (1978), "I Made It Through The Rain" (1980), "Let's Hang On" (1981), "Turn The Radio Up" (2001), and "They Dance!" (2001).

Manilow appeared as a guest judge and even arranged music for American Idol on April 24, 2004, a year that he also embarked on his "One Night Live! One Last Time!" final tour.

Although not all Manilow's hits were written by him (a notable exception being "Could It Be Magic?"), he co-wrote, with librettist Bruce Sussman, a musical, Harmony, which was originally to have been produced in Philadelphia during 2003. After financial difficulties and a legal battle, Manilow and Sussman won back the rights to the musical, which is now to be produced on stage in 2005.

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