Apocalypse Dudes

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Apocalypse Dudes is the 1998 album from "death-punk" band Turbonegro.

The album is composed and put together in an extravagant way, starting slowly with "The Age of Pamparius", and ending in a rock-explosion with "Good Head".

Before Apocalypse Dudes, Turbonegro was a kind of underground band, but after the release of this album, their popularity exploded. Alas, they broke up only a few months after the release, but they came together again in 2002, closely followed by the release of Scandinavian Leather.


  1. Age of Pamparius (Turbonegro)
  2. Selfdestructo Bust (Turbonegro)
  3. Get It On (Turbonegro)
  4. Rock Against Ass (Turbonegro)
  5. Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker (Turbonegro)
  6. Rendezvous With Anus (Turbonegro)
  7. Zillion Dollar Sadist (Turbonegro)
  8. Prince of the Rodeo (Turbonegro)
  9. Back To Dungaree High (Turbonegro)
  10. Are You Ready For Some Darkness (Turbonegro)
  11. Monkey On Your Back (Turbonegro)
  12. Humaliation Street (Turbonegro)
  13. Good Head (The Vikings)