All (band)


All is a punk band formed by some members of The Descendents. After singer Milo Aukerman left The Descendents in 1987 to pursue a graduate degree in biochemistry, his three remaining bandmembers formed All, naming themselves after the Descendents' last record. Since then, the instrumental lineup of the band has remained constant: guitarist Stephen Egerton, bassist Karl Alvarez, and drummer Bill Stevenson. (Only Stevenson, formerly of Black Flag, was an original member of the Descendents.)

All's first two albums, "Allroy Sez" (1988, Cruz) and "Allroy for Prez" (1988, Cruz EP) were recorded with Dave Smalley (formerly of East Coast punk bands DYS and Down By Law) singing. Scott Reynolds took over vocals until 1993, singing on the albums "Allroy's Revenge," "Allroy Saves," and "Percolater." Reynolds was replaced by Chad Price for the 1993 album "Breaking Things," their last before jumping to major label Interscope for 1995's "Pummel," which sold miserably but spawned the single "Million Bucks." The Descendents reunited in 1996 and toured through 1997, during which time Price formed the country/punk band Drag the River. All's last several albums have been released on Epitaph Records: "Mass Nerder" (1998), "Problematic" (2000), and "Live + One" (2002), which includes a live All CD and a bonus CD from the Descendents' reunion shows in 1996.

The best introduction to All's work is "All," a best-of album released on Stevenson's Owned & Operated label, with remastered songs, an extensive booklet with lyrics, photos, a complex family tree of the The Descendents/All track selection by the fans, and an otherwise unavailable song with Aukerman.